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  • Many thanks for your kind donation towards Harley's Sponsorship, Janelle!
    Hopefully she will find a home very soon.
  • Hi Jodie, I spoke to Joanne and let her know that my friend would be phoning, everything was sorted down to organising the flight, then, Joanne said that she was $150 :( I didn't think to ask if they were giving her away or selling her.

    I am sad that I am not in a position to buy her back and then rehome her from here. After speaking to Joanne I am sure that they will make the right decision and find her a nice home. She sent me the photos also. Again thank you for letting me know, it was very kind of our to think to let me know.

    It was also lovely to speak to you today. Take care Janelle
  • Jodie, Yes she is ours, Tabitha Edmed. I have a friend who would love her, she is looking for a devon at the moment.

    Thank you so much for letting me know, anything I can do to help PLEASE let me know. Is she well, does she look good, she is the most loving kitten and the first I ever sent Interestate, I cried all the way home.

    I will give you a call to discuss things if you want to send me your number
  • Happy Birthday Janelle - have a great day
  • Hi Janelle
    I am sorry to read about the fip you have been dealing with.
    Email me if you want to talk about it
  • Janelle I am so sorry this has happened to you. RIP Bug.
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