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What age will he be at his biggest?

Hi guys and gals,My Montague is now a good 7 months old, he is happy and healthy.However, as he is my first devon, I'm amazed at how small he is for a little boy! And while he is getting bigger, I'm starting to wonder at what age he will be fully gro

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Vocal Devon's!

How vocal are your Devon's? My Montague is incredibly vocal and loves announcing things. He is almost six months old and I'm finding he loves being vocal the more he grows up.The strangest thing he does is loudly announcing that he needs to use his l

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Suckling - 13 Weeks old

Hello Devon friends!

Long time lurker, first time poster.

Finally got my little Monty last Friday, so he has been at his new home with us for a week now.

Just this afternoon we were snuggling on the couch and he started licking, nibbling, pawing and pur

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