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How to tell kittens apart

Last time Lulu had two female silver tabbies and it was almost impossible to know which was which. She is due to have kittens again in April. Can anyone tell me how to mark the kittens (not permanently) incase Lulu has more than one the same colour.

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behaviour problems

Due to unavoidable domestic changes, one of our queens, Lindy, has started repetitive pacing inside and out of the house.We have tried Feliway and Valerian plug ins, and even a pheremone collar which upset her so much I took it off.Our other two quee

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breeding difficulties

Are Devons difficult to breed? We have had 2 premature births from Lindy and now another from Lily. Both had litters 6 days early although 3 out of 4 of Lindy's last litter survived even though one was only 51 grams at birth. So far only 2 of Lily's

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