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  • Hi Karolyn are you still breeding? I got a kitten off you Iin May 2010. He was absolutely gorgeous, great temp and wonderful type. Unfortunately he has gone missing and doesnt look to be coming home. Would love to get another kitten. My email is Thanks Kylie

  • Hi Karolyn,
    Thanks for your response. We are all well. Ellie is great. We lost our old dog 6 weeks ago. Trying to talk the family in to get a kitten rather than a puppy. I just don't have enough time and energy for puppy training, digging, chewing etc. We are going up to Maleny on Sunday to see Anne about a kitten. Do you know her?
    Thanks Jasmine
  • Hi Karolyn,
    Are you still breeding? Do you have any kittens at the moment?
  • Thanks for your advice Karolyn.  I have managed to get a kitten, from a small local breeder.  I have two more weeks to wait before I pick up the lovely Lois, but she is a Lilac spotted tabby and she is just divine.  The breeder was quite happy for us to come and laze around with all the cats for a few hours to really test my allergies (with no symptoms at all) and we are very happy with our choice.  I am quite confident with my breeder choice as well. She is a lovely devoted devon fan, and a vet nurse too.

    I have attached a photo she sent me of Lois.

    Thanks again for your help.

  • Happy Birthday Karolyn - have a great day :)
  • Hi Karolyn. Sorry, not sure what has sparked this. It has been removed from the activity feed. Please let me know if you have further concerns.
  • Trevor Cox Sue Hooper Crossing a Devon Rex with Burmese.Pauline

  • HI I am from Shantor Cattery  Trevor Cox Sue Hooper are crossing Devon Rex with

    Flat chested Burmese . How about we Breed Devon to Devon so they look  like a Devon .

    A Mutation can only go back to where it came from . Please let a  Devon be a true breed and not something we made up  .This is my opinion only. I do not want anymore cats mated to Devon's as their personalty is already wrecked.Pauline

  • No, not yet Karolyn.

    Maybe send her a message through the message system.

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  • Hi Karolyn, 

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