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December 30

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  • Hi!  Pixel is beautiful!!  She looks very healthy now.  Bentley is doing well.  He still has some skin allergies.  They started flareing up a few month ago, and the vet finally told me to change my litter.  He's now using a pure clay litter.  All my babies are doing just great.  I think I just friended your husband on Facebook.  He asked a question on the rehoming site, and I wanted to tell him about the place where I got Jellybean.  Its kurakats.com.  I thought perhaps we shouldn't talk about kittens on a rehoming site.  My favorite pictures of Pixel are still the bath photos.  

    Have you heard anything from Ida?  Last I heard she was in Ironwood Michigan, but her husband was still working iin Madison.I got a message from Sam a while ago, and Strummer is doing well too.  We are all very lucky.   Bentley loves watching out the window when I'm in the garden.  Well I need to back outside and work again.  Hope to talk with you soon,  Carol


  • Hi Kassie,

    How is Pixel? How big has she gotten? Strummer is 8 pounds of high energy kitty. :)

    Have you sent Pixel's picture to Nicole for the 2013 DevonZone calendar? Pictures can be sent to her using the following email address: nicole@devonzone.net

    Hope all is well.


  • Hi Kassie!  Thanks for the birthday wishes.  Pixel is really looking good.  She enjoys a bath as much as Bentley does.  It's fun to watch, but he's so soft and fuzzy after.  He also loves the cuddles while he's drying.  It looks like Pixel is somewhat mischeivious.  Bentley isn't as much, but Sterling has a goofy streak a mile wide in his little body. 

    It's good to see your baby looking so good and having fun.  She appears to be as loving as Bentley is.  I wouldn't change him at all, but I'll find abetter breeder for any more kittens I decide to get.  Have a great summer.  Carol

  • Hi!  I'm so glad you and Pixel are OK!  I was concerned when I didn't hear from you.  Have a great Easter.  Carol

  • It is not long now!!!
  • Happy Birthday have a nice day greetz from amsterdam
  • Welcome to Devon Zone Kassie.

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  • Hello Kassie. Welcome to Devon Zone

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