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December 7

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  • Hello Penny,

    I've not had time to look around this site yet. Must do, it will be interesting to see what is being said about these wonderful little bundles of fun we all love.


  • Hi Penny & 3E's

    Wow! Sounds like you had a lovely Christmas.  I think it is really lovely how excited your 3 get.  Lester seems to quite like all the presents etc, around, but he doesn't get hyped up like yours do!  Do you think they wind one another up to be more excited too? I imagine it is very amusing and entertaining.

    I did rub catnip on his presents, and it helped.  Once he began to realise they were his when unwrapped, he really joined in with the unwrapping of one.  He hasn't actually unwrapped one himself yet.  Not sure he quite knows what to make of it all! 

    We have just kept him to his normal diet, with a few extra treats for Christmas (some turkey and sausage stick chews).  They seem to have proved quite popular!

    Do you have to be really careful what you feed when one has a particularly sensitive tummy?  Sound like Ernie definitely enjoys his nosh anyway!

    Are they all ok when you have people around? Do they try and make friends, etc?  Sadly, Lester is quite nervous of new people, which I imagine most Devon's aren't!  He is ok now with my parents, but it does take him a while to get used to people.  I suppose that's due to the start he had.

    Hope you carry on enjoying your Christmas, and hopefully speak soon.

    Christmas Wishes

    Karen & Lester xx

  • 36.gifHi Penny

    Just thought I would drop you a quick line.  I hope all is ok with you as I haven't heard from you for a little while?  I have also just noticed some birthday messages.  Happy Belated Birthday!  (Haven't checked the site for a couple of weeks - xmas shopping etc - aagh)!

    Anyway wanted to wish you and the 3E's a Very Happy Christmas.  Hope they behave - ha ha!  Am just about to use your tip and rub Lester's presents in a little catnip. Hope I don't regret it!

    Have fun and hope to hear from you soon.

    Best Wishes

    Karen & Lester xxx


  • Happy birthday Penny 36.gif

  • Happy Birthday Penny


  • Hi again Penny

    Yes, we are quite close.  How funny!  We live on the Bull Ring near to the Lancet/Horseshoes pub.  I regularly drive through the Raywoods as one of my routes to my parents who live on Poplar Farm.

    Love the Xmas story about Ernie.  What a character.  All 3 sound like they are actually.  Never a dull moment when you are around devons it seems! I will definitely try and remember the catnip tip. 

    Really must go now as have to get ready to go out at 7pm!  Hope you get everything you want tomorrow, I am really looking forward to looking at all the stalls(?), etc.

    Cat Show here we come ..............1

    Bye for now

    Karen & Lester xSmile.gif 

  • 103.gifHi Penny & the E's

    I have just done my usual and very annoying trick of having got quite a long way into writing a message to you and then losing it - agh!

    Anyway, sorry you have a birthday 'season' too.  Always bad timing aren't they?!  As for new babies arriving at this time of year, what incosiderate timing of the parents! Seriously though, hope the birth goes well.

    Am off to the Wing-Wah tonight as part of the birthday season.  Valuable cat-show money being spent!  I have already said I am leaving very promptly so I can get to bed early-ish and hopefully get up early and be vaguely human for Saturday.

    Thankfully, Lester was ok with the fireworks.  We live quite near to the Jubilee Centre where they have the council display but he didn't seem to notice too much.  Does it bother any of your three?   Is it possible for 3 devons to behave themselves completely for 1 whole day? I am not so sure!  I expect they will get lots of new toys either way!  It was Lester's first xmas last year.  He seemed to enjoy presents.  As you say, the paper and boxes are always more interesting.  He didn't manage to fully unwrap any himself.  Maybe this year ......?  I  expect that it's very entertaining to watch them do it.

    I have read some cat books that have chapters on behaviour, but haven't managed to find a good book that's wholly about behaviour.  We do the thing where we blink at him and he always blinks back.  Quite often now, he initiates the blinking.  When he makes his chirruping noises, I try and do it back to him (not sure if I am supposed to).    I do try to notice his tail too. It is almost always up in the air, and often either curled over just at the end like a little question mark, or quivering!  I  think they are signs that he is happy? He also wags like a dog.  Doesn't Ernie do that?   I try to take note of his face also.  I think as far as I can tell, he generally seems a very happy little thing, but obviously, I could be completely wrong!

    The comments you made about the cat shows are exactly what I noticed at the little one I attended.  Interesting that the same aspects of it make you uncomfortable too.  I wonder if lots of people find this?

    Anyway, must go, have to wash hair for tonight/tomorrow! (So many jobs, so little time).

    Enjoy your day .......


    Karen & Lester xx 


  • Hi Penny & the E's

    Hope you are all well. Apologies for my delay in getting back to you.  Seem to have been having a really busy time.  Have had the birthdays of 2 close friends and hubby within a week so busy shopping frantically for presents, and trying not to think too much about cost!  Oops! 

    Things a little more back to normal here.  Lester seems to want to be my friend again now.  What a strange little episode.  No idea what he got into his head!  I was interested in your comment about talking to them in their own language.  We both talk to Lester all the time, but I got the impression (sorry being a bit dim), that you didn't necessarily mean 'normal' talking.  Is that right, or have I got the wrong end of the stick as usual?! If so, any tips?

    I hope your 3 are all ok?  I was looking at your pictures just now - have you put some new ones on recently?  There are some really sweet ones.  Hope your  household renovations have gone well?  Did you get much more assistance from the trio?

    Anyway, must go.  Are you looking forward to Saturday?  I think I am.  Not entirely sure what to expect.  Oh well - soon find out!

    Take care 


    Karen & Lester xxSmile.gif

  • Hi Penny & E's

    Just a little quickie.  Wanted to let you know, have just booked tickets for the NEC cat show for me and my Bengal owning friend, Dawn.  Think I am looking forward to it!  Will email you properly in next few days.

    Best Wishes


    Karen & Lester x

    PS.  Lester is being a little more balanced with his affections this week (so far)!!

  • Hi Penny & E's

    Many thanks for the info on the pet planet email.  I have never heard of that site!  I always appreciate any tips like that.  Coincidentally, I managed to get a snuggle pad just before I got your email.

    Last Saturday (15th) I went, with a friend who is also a cat lover (she has a Bengal), to a CRAOV cat show at Lichfield Leisure Centre.  Neither of us had ever been to one before, and I came across it while doing some aimless surfing!  At the show there were some pet accessory stalls.  One was selling the Snuggle pads for £15.65.  I thought this was a good price, so I bought it.  Otherwise, I would definitely have ordered the one off pet planet.

    I don't know if you have ever been to any shows before, or what you think to them?  I must admit I have mixed feelings.  I would never attempt to show Lester even if it was possible - I think he would absolutely hate it.  I was mainly curious to see some other Devons in the flesh!  We are thinking about going to the big NEC show in November, but that will be it.  I don't think it will become a habit.

    I hope your decorating is coming along well, and that the E's are offering you their special brand of assistance!

    Do yours vary in who they go to for fuss and attention (ie. you or your husband)? Lester has always mainly come to me for cuddles, etc, but just lately his bond with Andy has been getting much stronger!  Childishly, I feel a little pushed out, as he keeps going to Andy instead of me!  Have you experienced anything like this?  If so, any tips/advice?  I am probably being overly sensitive!

    Antway, must go now.  Hope you are all well.

    Best Wishes

    Karen & Lester xxSmile.gif

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