December 5

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  • Hi Sarah, This was Kylie's reply to your post:

     Reply by Kylie Sheehan 23 hours agoDelete

    Hi Sarah, ok that'd be great. I've been thinking of getting him a play mate for a while. Only he is so naughty I'm a bit scared of "double trouble". But maybe an older cat would teach him some better manners :-). Does Tobi get along with children? I have a very gentle 8 year old son.
    I work until about 3.30 tomorrow. My no is 0418749418. Reception is not great at home. Home no is 02 42969204. I live near Wollongong.
    Hope to hear from you tomorrow
  • Hi Sarah, I am so happy for you and Zuki. I have just promised the girls a devon kitten and they are excited again! I hope you keep up your blog so we can see how you are all going.
    Thanks again, Bernie.
  • Hi Sarah, I have been trying to reply to your message but they won't send. I can't even send to site admin. I will keep trying. Bernie
  • Hi Sarah,

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  • Hi Sarah, welcome to Devon Zone

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