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April 29

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  • Any news about your new kitten?  Smile.gif

  • Chloe is a beauty, its 1st of May here, is she there yet? Is she there yet? So exciting.

    My Jellybean (then 11 weeks I think) was snuggled with my Atticus (4 months) in less than a day. Devons seem to adjust well.  I posted on Nicoles thread about introducing a new kitten, you might find that helpful. I think its in the main forum section.

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    Happy Birthday Solen 

    I am guessing your new kitten is a birthday present to yourself?

  • Ohh we get to pick our little man up on the 2nd of April :) We are super excited.  Hope he travels well from Tas to Adelaide, its a long trip for such a young kitten but I'm sure he will be fine.  I'm a worrying mum already hahaha!!  So did you pick a name for your new litte girl yet?

  • OHH i fotgot to mention we were also looking at another kitten (before we decided on Merlot) which is for sale she is a Tortie Point . Check out her website she is very pretty but not sure if she is the colour you are after.  http://www.josiescattery.info/available/purchasing%20a%20kitten.htm

    Yes this is our first Devon Rex :) Thats why i joined this amazing site so other owners/breeders could give me some info on the breed.

  • heya

    Yes ,he was up for sale on gumtree and was the last one left of the litter. I tried every other breeder in Aus to try and find the colour we wanted.  The breeders name is Sally (Yemrex)and she is lovely to deal with. If you visit this site it will give you all the info you need http://www.catinc.org.au/index.php?option=com_content&view=arti... , but she does not have a website.  Yes we get him in a couple of weeks and my partner and i cant wait to give him a big cuddle.  Ill up load some more photos when we finally get him so you can have a closer look at his colour.  Apparently he is very smoochy and cuddly eeep :) cant wait!

  • Hi 

    We actually haven't got him yet he will be arriving at the start of April.  Very excited!! I have been looking for this particular colour for 5 months now and by sheer luck found an amazing breeder in Tasmania.  If you like i can give you her contact details.  Unfortunately we bought the last kitten from her but I'm sure she will have another litter in the near future. By the way your Devon rex is so gorgeous!! what a stunner.  Grin.gif

  • Thanks for your comment on Jellybean. I think she is stunningly gorgeous and I can look at her gorgeous face with her intelligent soulful eyes forever....but I am a teeny bit biased LOL

  • Hahaha, I thought that might have been the case, they looked too similar and you being from Melbourne, its all fun and games once they realise they can get onto the benchtops!

    our little treasures worst habbit is to jump into our ventian blinds ( they are the aluminium ones) she has bent them so badly throughout the house, a good excuse to get new blinds though haha,

    Ill keep an eye out for some more photos of your little kitten, she is sooo adorable,

  • Hi Solen,

    Your right your little devon does look remarkably similar to our 11 month old Delfi, where did you purchase your kitten from I wouldnt be surprised if she is from the same cattery, Delfi was purchased from Josie's cattery.


    She is a silver tabby point.

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