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  • OMG! Congrats Stephanie! You've finally got the lil guy. He is SUCH a cutie. I hear you're in love alreadyGrin.gif  Very easy to do with this breed.  You will have SO much fun with him. My Leyla made me laugh myself silly the other day! In fact, twice in 30 minutes! They bring so much happiness, laughter and love to the home. Enjoy!

  • Love your profile pic! The countown is on :) archie is my first devon, i wish i had come across the breed sooner. my little guy thinks he is part monkey and i am the tree, so keeping their nails trimmed regularly = less pain lol Archie arrived in December and he flew over here as well :) he is sleeping on my tummy atm such a sweetie! I took more pictures of him today so will upload some on the weekend. You will have to share pics when Merlot arrives, im excited for you! I love my furry family but my devon has an extra special place in my heart hehe :)
  • Hi Stephanie, Yes the profile pic is my devon rex, Archiebald "Archie" He is around 6 months old now. I love him to pieces and I adore his markings and beautiful blue eyes. This is not the best picture of him, it was the first day he arrived but i think he looks so cute with his ears up and his arms spread out as he lay on the laundry basket. It took me a bit to decide on the breed and a sheer devon as I am used to longhaired cats but I'm so glad he's a part of my family. He's my baby and very clever! he even learnt how to turn my tv on and off. He is the best hot water bottle and sleeps with me under the covers every night :)  He's a seal mink and white and he has gotten a bit darker as he gets older. when i next get on the computer with my photos I will put some more recent ones up :) even though he is a sheer he has grown a bit more coat as time goes on and in som parts he even has the sweet curly rex coat. Merlot looks sooo cute :) Devons are such a fantastic breed!

  • When does Merlot arrive?

  • Small world Smile.gif Josie's cattery is where we got our Devon from! Jodie, the cattery owner, is lovely. Leyla is such a healthy all round wonderful kitten that I would like to use Jodie again. We are in contact with her now about her latest litter.  I'm hoping she might have a colour combo we'd like but have to wait 3/4 weeks to see what they come out as. Too early to tell now.

    We did alot of research before settling on a breed. Came about them after looking into Sphynxes. Had never heard of Devons before that! COMPLETELY happy that we went with the D Rex. Our lil lady has such a friendly and loving temperment. Devons are described as dog-like and Leyla certainly is in the way that she follows us around the house constantly! She has to be involved in everything. And she carries her toys from one room to the other to play with them. Just like a dogSmile.gif She LOVES attention and HAS to be the centre of it! Devons are not cats that you just get and forget and let them do their own thing. They like attention and being with their "people/human" just like a dog. I love it! She is playful and down right nutty at times! She makes me laugh every day. She greets me at the door when I get home which always makes me smileGrin.gif Sooo funny to watch too. Great entertainment value. And the minute I sit down she jumps into my lap.

    You will simply ADORE your Devon! Maybe you should make plans on getting another now3.gif

  • 3.gifAhhh Gumtree! That's right! Will he be your first Devon? The waiting is a killer but when you get one you'll want another! Which is exactly what my hubby and I are planning on right now Grin.gif

    Devons are EXTREMELY friendly! They love people 8.gif Our lil girl sleeps at our feet under the covers or between our legs every night. Anything we do, she MUST be involved in!! She is great entertainment and a wonderful little character.

    Your boy will no doubt be brimming with personality too. He is a Devon afterall 3.gif

  • He is real cute! We are looking for our 2nd now and want a bi-colour or mix white. We are looking at a black and white mix in NSW atm but there doesn't seem to be much out there in the colours we want.

    I actually think I saw pics of your lil guy on a "for sale" site. What breeder in Tassie is it? Do they have a website? Would love their contact details if you have them.

    So, April is when you get him? Oooo! It's soooo exciting, but it's tough waiting cos you want them IMMEDIATELY once you see pics Grin.gif

    Thanks for the compliment on Leyla. She is a lovely little thing. I love the brown tabby stripes she has on her legsSmile.gif She is the reason we want more Devons! We are SMITTEN with them!


  • Hi Stephanie.  Welcome to Devon Zone

  • Welcome to Devon Zone Stephanie.

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