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  • Ahh no worries, at all. I thought it was a sort of spam. 

  • If you scroll down in the activity feed you will see I posted about it yesterday. It was a spammer. Apologies. 

  • Im in Australia & I got one to but the link had been deleted. I was thinking it was maybe a scam or something??

  • I received a strange message from someone called Mrs. something something...when I checked it, it was already deleted. Email notification was also sent by devonzone...was it just me who received it today?

  • Ahh, I got it now. Thank you so much for your help, DZ-Admin!

  • Hi Tammira, everyone is able to start a Forum discussion. See here: http://devonzone.net/site-help/how-to-add-a-forum-discussion

  • Thank you, Joy for your reply and the links. I want to ask particular questions about some breeders in US. It seems that I can't open a forum discussion here so I don't know how or where to ask.

  • I'm not sure Tammira as I am in Australia & don't know the US breeders

  • That is really good news Tammira. Back to the Devon madness!   Smile.gif

  • Thank you, Admin!! After a week later from my last post, my baby is all healed and well with NO issues whatsoever. I am happy as long he is doing good! Pheewwww!

This reply was deleted.

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