October 25

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  • Hi Wendy,

    Thought I would let you know Ella and Nova have settled in really well.  As a matter of fact I'm in bed typing this with Ella sitting across my shoulder purring away.

    Last night I had Nova sitting on my lap and Ella across my chest/shoulder.  They have been introduced to my partner and they both were very comfortable with him. Ella was on his lap, which he was rapt about.  He really likes both of them.

    My daughter also came around on Friday and Nova was having a great time playing with her.  Ella was more reserved.  Think she wanted to play, but just stared at Ashleigh and let her give her the occasional pat.

    They are both getting on 99% of the time, with the occasional hiss, but nothing major. 

    They are very affectionate cats and I have fallen in love with them already. <img src='http://i925.photobucket.com/albums/ad93/ucsycybersmiley/8.gif' />

    I will put some photos up asap.




  • Sorry Wendy, it's so hard  at times.

    I bet the girls will be very happy though. Smile.gif

  • Happy Birthday Wendy. Bobby send special smoogies too
  • Happy Birthday Wendy- have a great day. Smile.gif
  • Happy Birthday Wendy! Have a great day.
  • Hi Wendy, great to see you have joined.
  • Hi Wendy. Great to see you here
  • Hiya Wendy and welcome.....finally! :)

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