August 20

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  • Happy Birthday Jaki



  • Happy Birthday Jaki Smile.gif
  • Jaki - I have a number here of a highly respected Homeopath for animals. She is in Buderim, Sunshine Coast. Toni Werchon Ph 07 5444 4442
    I do know homeapathics to be very successful with ringworm!
  • I know ringworm can be very successfully cured with homeopathics and it is amazing how effective they are in getting rid of this condition. Simple and easy. I know a breeder who very effectively fixed a major out break with simple homeopathic drops. I will contact her and find out what she used but a good animal homeopath should know what to use.
  • Welcome to wonderful Devon Zone Jaki!
  • welcome to this great devon zone site hugs from amsterdam
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  • Hi Jackie. Welcome to Devon Zone
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