October 6

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  • Hi Nicole
    Thanks for your words about Lester. I do appreciate it. I am glad you think he was lucky - we think we were lucky too that he found his way to us, and we do miss him everyday.
    Thank you also for being so welcoming about our new boys. I will aim to post some photos in the next few days. As you quite rightly say, they could never replace Lester (and I wouldn't want them to), but they are very sweet in their own right and are definitely helping to heal the heartbreak.
  • Hi Joy
    Thanks so much for your kind message about Lester. I am so sorry to hear your sad news about Stella. She was a beautiful girl and I know she was very special to you. It really is heartbreaking isn't it? Funnily enough, I haven't been able to look at Lester's pictures yet either. We have some up in the house, but others on the computer etc, I'm just not ready even now. When we lost him, we had an individual cremation as my husband felt he wanted Lester's ashes to bring him back home one last time. I am hoping that in time I will find that a comfort, but for now, they have had to be put away somewhere as I can't look at them yet. I hope you are coping ok with your loss. I do feel for you.
    I will try and post some photos of the new boys in the next few days. They are very sweet and do help with the pain.
  • Hi Karen,

    Well that is really sad news. I am so sorry to hear of the passing of Lester. She was one lucky cat that's for sure... finding his way into your home and your lives. 

    You new family members sound wonderful, I would love to see photos of them. Of course they are 'proper' Devon's, well they sound like it,  and they are very welcome in the Devon Zone family we have here. 

    I know they don't replace him, but hopefully they help to fill the gap left by Lester. 

    Again so sorry to hear, Im sure you still miss him so much. 

  • Hi Karen, I am so sorry to read of Lester & I also lost Stella in March this year & like you found it so hard to speak/write of & it has taken quite a time before I can look at her photos & yes I still grieve & cry - so can really empathise with you.

    Your 2 new rescues sound a delight & I'm glad they have helped you heal & enjoy the delights of have a Devon (even though with out the curls) by your side once again.  Please post some photos of them. 

  • Hi Nicole
    I have been putting off doing this for months, but I am writing to let you know about Lester. The last time I wrote, I was asking for advice on getting him to take pills as he had undergone a necessary dental, but it had triggered a latent heart condition so he was having to have heart tablets, water tablets etc as his little heart was failing. Anyway, our beloved boy passed away at the end of January. I know it's silly, but I just haven't been able to bring myself to write it down and even writing this now I am upset all over again. We loved him so much, and I miss him every single day. He was such a little cheeky gentleman and he coped so well with his illness. He was his happy purring self right up until his last day, eventhough he was poorly. It seemed so unfair as he was only about 7 or 8 at the most, but he just couldn't escape the bad start he had in life. As he was found in a house with 120 cats, they had obviously been breeding freely and I expect he was probably interbred. I am so grateful for the 5 years we had - I just wish it could have been longer. It seems difficult to do him justice here, but he was a beautiful boy.
    On a happier note, we decided to adopt again. I seriously considered getting a devon kitten, but my husband felt very strongly that we should re-home again. In April we adopted two brothers directly from their previous family who were having to re-home them as there was now a baby in the house who was developing allergies. They were 2 years old in December 2014. Unfortunately, the compromise we had to make it that they are not 'pure' devons. Mum is a purebred Devon Rex and dad is a Devon/Siamese cross. The family had mum and dad too, who I met. The boys resulted from an accidental unplanned pregnancy that occurred when mum and dad were booked in to be neutered, but managed to sneak a one-off naughty encounter! As mum had a difficult birth resulting in an emergency caesarian, the owners then couldn't bear to part with the kittens (there were only 2 in the litter). So until circumstances forced a change, mum, dad and 2 boys had been together as a cat family until the boys came to us. One boy is jet black and very silky. We have named him Artie or Arthur. The other is a beautiful grey/blue boy. We call him Sonny. They are very close and complement each other very well. Although they haven't got the beautiful devon curls, my goodness do they have the personality (with a little bit of noisy siamese thrown in)!! They have had a good, loving start in life so they are much more confident than Lester was able to be. Bizarrely, in many ways, their devon traits are more pronounced than his were. They do now do things which remind me of him, which I find comforting, but they are very distinct personalities too. In a way, my husband has found it helpful that while they have the lovely character, they don't look too much like Lester as he thinks he would have found that very difficult. Anyway, I will post some pictures of them soon if that's ok? I know they are not 'proper' full devons, but I hope they will be allowed to be honorary members of devon zone and continue in Lester's much-missed pawprints.

  • Hi Karen, sorry I have gone with a different site. Some members have been transferred over (you have). I have sent a recovery password so you can log in. 

  • Hi Karen & Lester, Merry Christmas to you.

    Hope you had a good day, did Lester like his present? did he open it himself?

    The girls have been like excited 3 year old kids, they have been so hyped up it's unbelievable. They loved their toys, especially the Yeeeowww cat nip one!  There were 8 of us for Christmas dinner, so have been quite busy.  We all had pretty much a good day, and it just seemed to go so quick :-(

    The cats didn't have a Christmas dinner this year, they were way too excited with everything going on and Erma has a very sensitive stomach so didn't want to risk a yukky litter tray with everyone round, also neither of the girls will touch meat!  and poor old Ernie needs to lose a little bit of weight!!

    If I don't hear from you soon, have a Happy New Year.

    Take Care.

    Penny & 3EEE's x

  • hi there,


    You must live pretty close to me, as we have full view of teh Jubilee fireworks, we watch them from our living room window. We're on the top of The Raywoods.

    I remember one year I had bought one of the Whiskas Christmas stockings and put it on my bed in a carrier bag - safe?  Not!!!  Ernie let himself through the bag, ripped open the netting, ripped through one of the treat bags, then proceeded to stuff himself silly before I found him!!!  That is one reason I like to wrap their presents up and for the joy of watching them find out what's in there. Especially when you rub catnip all over them first.

    Sounds like Lester is a very happy little puss, the ? tail and the quivery tail are classic happy signs, and the chirruping is him talking to you. Erma makes me laugh, when you tell her off for something, (most days) she walks off with tail high miaowing very loudly as if she is a teenager arguing back.


    Anyway, ahve fun tomorrow if I don't speak to you before.

    Take care both of you


    Penny & 3 EEE's x

  • Hi Karen and Lester,

    Hope you're all well?

    I've got a couple of birthdays coming soon and my brother and his girlfriend are expecting their first baby in the 2 weeks! so that and Christmas and of course the cat show, no doubt I'll be stoney broke!!!Glad Lester is back to normal, what was he like with the fireworks? I've told my three that IF they can behave for at least one day, then santa will bring them some new toys - as if they need anymore lol.  Does Lester like presents, mine can unwrap there own, especially when they can smell a tasty morsal under the paper!  they pull the paper off, sniff the toy, then carry on playing with the paper!!!

    When I was doing my animal courses, I got a lot of cat behaviour books, so learnt to talk to them using my face and noises more than talking (sounds very wierd, but works)  I also read them with their body language and facial expressions, although I find the tails decieving as the two girls wag theirs like dogs.

    Don't know what you'll think of the show, I personally don't like how the cats are taken away from their owners, put into a sterile cage and then handled by total strangers while the owner has to watch from the sides.  See what you think.

    Got to go now, Take care both,

    Best Regards

    Penny & 3 EEE's Might see you on Saturday 113.gif

  • Hi Karen & Lester,

    Hope you are both well?

    I have had my ticket booked for the supreme show for a couple of months now, although I'm not to impressed with how cats are shown, think it maybe because I come from a background of showing dogs, and it is SOOOO different.   I go just to have a look at the trade stands and to go and see the people at the RCA stand, and of course this year, to get my calendar.  I don't go every year though.


    Both girls are quite clingy with me, but Erma is the worse one, I can't go anywhere without her, and if she can't get to me, she cries and shouts!  Although they all know full well that they sleep downstairs on a night. Both girls are usually right behind me, literally! wanting to be nosey at whatever I am doing.  Ernie has a love when he feels like it, but I do make sure that when I go out or come into the house, they all get a stroke and I ask them how they are. I usually get chuntered at with tails quivering high in the air.  They are definitley mummy's cats!  I think also, I have read lots of books about cat behaviour/communication, so talk to them a bit more their way, rather than human way.

    Pretty sure Lester will return his love back to his mum soon.  let me know if you go to the show.


    Take care all


    Penny & 3 EEE's x

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