Why buy from a Registered Breeder?

Are you looking for a Devon Rex kitten?
Be sure to buy your new kitten from a reputable REGISTERED Breeder.
A Registered Breeder is someone registered with a recognised Association, eg.  GCCF, CFA, FIFe, TICA, WCF, CCA etc.
A Registered Breeder will have a registered Prefix to identify their cattery. 
Most Associations / Registering bodies  have similar aims and objectives.
Registered Breeders only breed purebred, registered cats, in line with the breed standards set out by their registering body. All of their cats have registration papers. Registered Breeders are usually bound by a strict code of conduct.
A non- registered breeder is not a member of an association and does not have a Breeder's prefix. Often they will have little (or no) knowledge of genetic problems or the pedigree lines of their breeding cats. Sometimes kittens will be bred for financial gain and purchasers receive little or no advice, support or health warranty for their kitten. Often kittens bred by non-Registered Breeders will end up for sale in pet stores.
Many Registered breeders support early desexing or have 'desexing by agreement contracts'. 
Non- registered breeders generally do not bother as they have no regard for the future of the breed.
Associations for Australia are listed below

New South Wales & ACT:
The Feline Association of NSW Inc.


Cats Victoria Inc.

FIFe Members
  • CY - Cyprus
  • Pancyprian Cat Club - PCC
  • UR - Uruguay
  • Asociación Rural del Uruguay - Asociación Felina del Uruguay - ARU-AFU (under patronage)