Chibbs, at 7 months. He would go to assisted living facilities with me and he did so good. I was very proud of him.
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  • Are you still taking him to ressie visits?
  • How adorable. He looks just like my boy (except mine has 2 blue eyes). :)
  • I cant attach this picture i want but when i google devon rex kittens there is a picture of one with a dog...it looks like a corgi or something similar. Does anyone know what color that Devon is? I love it! Thank you in advance.
  • Oh wow, what a gorgeous boy. I'm in love! :)
    • Thanks Nicole! I know, a few men i know say he is ugly or gremlin lookin, and not in a good way they say. Seriously? How could they look at this picture and not think hes adorable?! Lol
  • I'm sure Devons would love to do something like that as they are such people oriented cats. Well done
    • Yes its like he knew exactly what to do. Very proud mom here. He loves car rides, like a dog lol his breeder told me his grandfather was a certified therapy cat. Btw very sorry about Stella, she was so beautiful
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