Chocolate and white boy, 6 weeks old Rextales Devons
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  • Thanks Abby. We have had a few nice kittens from Ripley's last litter with him, this boy is from Tilde's litter. It is pretty near impossible to know how they will develop though as they just change so much. Some kittens I thought would be better type have not turned out that way and some that I thought were not good at all have turned out ok so you just never know!! Hope your breeding is going well for you.
  • Wow Gill. Tobias is throwing stunning kittens!!!
  • Yes I am still selling him!!! He is a big sook too.
  • Lovely male 11.gif 11.gif 11.gif
  • omg gorgeous
  • I don't want to keep him because I already have a stud, his father, and I never keep kittens without a good reason. It is more important that they go to a great home. I also prefer to keep my numbers down, it is just too easy to end up with more cats than you want or need when you are breeding!!!!
  • He is so beautiful <3 6.gif
  • He's stunning Grin.gif Why can't you keep him? Frown.gif
  • OMG he's adorable.
  • Thanks Nicole, I have been wanting a dark choc kitten for ages and finally I have one. Pity I can't keep him!!!
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