Lulu's litter 09

Lulu's litter 09
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  • Lovely babies !
  • From left to right it is male, female, male... Thanks for the kind comments Curtil :)
  • oooh very very good profile !!! great profile !! together !! all bb with good standard !! congratulations !!
    between bb ?? it's a male or female ??
  • sooo sweet!!!! wonderful!
  • Really nice kittens!! Would be nice to see them grow up so keep us posted!
  • Thank you everyone for the kind words!
  • Verrrrry nice.... :-)
  • Very promising litter with wonderful heads, please, hold updated how they will grow up!
  • Hi Abby

    All the kittens are totally gorgeous!!!!
  • Lucky you Abby- they are gorgeous babies. :-)
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