She's getting so big

She's getting so big
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  • Thanks everyone! I can't wait to tell you all about her.

  • Go overboard! You have been waiting and you're making a huge commitment! We have been, or are in, the same position as you. Pixel is a great name.
  • Pixel is a great name! Not long now. Smile.gif

  • Thanks so much, Joy! Well, everyone can expect a ton of new pictures when I get her. I'll try not to go overboard. :)

  • She is so pretty.  I can understand your excitement. 

  • I think I'm driving my husband crazy with my "Count Down to Caturday". But he only has to deal with it for 15 more days...and 8 hours :)

    We've finally picked a name. It took us forever to decide but her name will be Pixel.  

  • That is soooo exciting! I remember the countdown to the day I was bringing Strummer home; I couldn’t sleep the night before. They are a very interactive breed. I promise she is going to be your buddy and your shadow at the same time. She will require a lot of attention, but guaranteed she will return all of the love and attention you give to her ten fold. = )


    Have you picked a name or will you wait to see what matches her personality?

  • She was born on Nov 23rd so she's just a little over 8 weeks old. Only 15 days and 10 hours until I can get her, but who's counting? :) 

    Samantha, your Strummer sounds like such an awesome cat! I can't wait to have a little companion of my own. I bought her a cat tree too and I can't wait to see her climb all over it. Every day I just get more and more excited thinking about bringing her home.

  • pretty tortie pattern Smile.gif


    What a little cutie….you are going to love her to bits!!!! She has great markings! How old is she?

    Our little guy Strummer has to be where ever we are and, whenever possible, in lap bound. I have to tell you, he is the best companion and has brought our other two kitties (Sid-Snowshoe Seal Point and Tommy-Siamese) together!!! They are quite the three-some; running, playing, eating, chillin’.

    You might laugh, Strummer loves to sleep across my neck (front paws by one ear, rear paws by the other ear). He purrs and purrs and purrs until I am fast asleep. How can you do anything but melt!?!

    At 6 months he is 5 pounds of pure energy! We recently bought a cat tree and I am amazed at the strength he has; stretches to reach the landing and pulls himself up without the aid of his rear paws. My brother is building us a larger tree so they can play more.

    My parents are now talking about getting a Devon, as is my cousin and her husband. Anyone who meets Strummer just loves him. I know it’s partially in their genes as a Devon Rex, but I also believe it has to do with the love they receive.

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